Proceedings of SPIEM or SEM/SPCE conferences

SPIEM offers the proceedings of past conferences to the general public. The proceedings of the most recent conference is only accessible to members only.


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2014 | Setúbal «Mathematical Tasks»

2013 | Penhas da Saúde «Mathematical Reasoning»

2012 | Castelo de Vide «Mathematics Teaching Practices»

2011 | Póvoa de Varzim «Teaching and Learning Algebra»

2010 | Costa da Caparica «Communication in Teaching and Learning of mathematics»

2009 | Vila Real «Numbers and Statistics – reflecting on the present, foreseeing the future»

2008 | Vieira de Leiria «Technologies and Mathematics Education»

2007 | S. Pedro do Sul «Assessment in mathematics»

2006 | Monte Gordo «Curriculum and curricular development. Challenges for mathematics education»

2005 | Caminha «Numbers and algebra in mathematics learning and teacher education»

2004 | Beja «History of mathematics education in Portugal»

2003 | Évora «Mathematics in teacher education»

2002 | Coimbra «Investigations in mathematics learning and teacher education»

2001 | Consolação, Peniche «Mathematics and communities. The social diversity in mathematics teaching and learning»

2000 | Fundão «The teaching and learning of Geometry»

1999 | Santarém «Luso-Spanish-Italian Summer School on Mathematics Learning»

1999 | Mangualde «Interactions in the mathematics classroom»

1998 | Mirandela «Paths for research in mathematics education in Portugal»

1997 | Castelo de Vide «Curricular development in mathematics»

1996 | Tróia «Learning in mathematics»

1995 | Luso «Professional development of mathematics teachers: What teacher education?»

1994 | Vimeiro «Mathematics and reality: What role in Education and in the Curriculum?»

1993 | Monfortinho «Problem solving: Cognitive processes, teachers conceptions and curricular development»

1992 | Ericeira «Mathematics Education»