For approximately 20 years, the Portuguese Society of Sciences Education (SPCE) had a section dedicated to Mathematics Education.

However, the constant increase of development in the research of mathematics education has led to the need of creating an independent organization. This new society began to be created in 2009 and was concluded in early 2012.

All information prior to 2009 shown on this site, is relative to the activities developed under the extinct Section of Mathematics Education of SPCE (SEM/SPCE). However, all bibliographic legacy of this section is held by SPIEM.

The leadership of the Portuguese Society for Research in Mathematics Education is organized as follows:

Direction Board
Ana Paula Canavarro (President)
Lurdes Serrazina (Vice-President)
Rosa Antónia Tomás Ferreira (Secretary)
António Manuel Dias Domingos (Treasurer)
Maria Isabel Piteira Vale (Vowel)

General Assembly Board
Maria Leonor dos Santos (President)
Manuel Vara Pires (Vowel)
Maria Cecília da Costa (Vowel)

Supervisory Board
Ema Paula Botelho Mamede (President)
Nélia Maria Amado (Vowel)
Isabel Maria Cabrita (Vowel)